Gianna BianchiRiccardo BianchiOne of my friends when speaking about me always says: 'she must have been born in a tube of colours!'

As a matter of fact mine has been a family of craftsmen/artisans and painters (artists) throughout many generations: my great grandfather was a decorator, my grandfather, after attending the FLORENCE INSTITUTE OF ART in Porta Romana in the late ’20s, worked as a copyist in one of the most leading antique shops at that time.

My grandfather ALTERO passed on his passion for painting to my father RICCARDO, who graduated at the Florence Art College.

In 1961 they opened together their Workshop “BOTTEGA BIANCHI”.

Following my grandfather's footsteps, I also attended the FLORENCE INSTITUTE OF ART (in Porta Romana) from 1978 to 1983 and the year after I joined the family business.

As for many craftsmen/artisans living in Florence, my work is also a passion.

No doubt living in a city of Art such as Florence amongst colours and paintbrushes, strongly influenced my choice of pursuing this kind of activity.

After my father’s retirement, in 2010, I took over BOTTEGA BIANCHI's business, thus becoming the MD, Owner and Sole artist. Many people believe that the ability to paint is a gift: since I have been lucky to receive this special gift, it is a pleasure to bring to life the ideas of my clients who commission me to realize paintings that are artfully 'aged'. The distinctive characteristic of my works is to appear 'antique'. This result is achieved thanks to a mixture of chalk and glue spread on the canvasses which are then painted, in the exact manner adopted by the (Old) Masters in the 16th century.

Some time ago I moved into the heart of the Chianti region, namely in San Casciano Val di Pesa, an enchanting village, small but with a delightful historic centre and an interesting Sacred Art Musem well worth a visit. Despite being very fond of Florence, my birth town and one of the most beautiful historical and art cities in the world, living in these green agricultural hills, covered in olive groves and vineyards, is my source of inspiration which I hope to convey through my paintings/works, thus fulfilling my clients', wishes.